Gas cylinder series:  

We provide large scale and completed specification high pressure seamless gas cylinders, fire fighting cylinders, ALU cylinders for medical use and also CNG cylinders for vehicle, which nominal service pressure ranges from 0.6MPa to 30MPa, nominal water capacity ranges from 0.7liter to 1000liter and nominal diameter ranges from 70mm to 406mm.

our products have possess the pressure vessel manufacturing license of level A1, B1, B2, B3, D1 as well as D2, and approvals of DOT, TUV, CCS, BV, ABS, Lloyd's (both British Lloyd's and Germany Lloyd's) ,TC-3AAM and can meet the standard of BS, JIS, DIN, EN, KSB.    

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Acetyline Cylinder:

We have not only GB standard dissolved acetyline cylinder, but also Asbestos-free acetyline cylinder, our cylinder applied with ISO3807-1, ISO 9809-1, DOT-8AL or TC-8WAM , can export to EU and American area.

CNG cylinder Series:

It's including hoop-wrapped with steel liner CNG cylinder for vehicle. And can used in cars,trucks and buses with its characteristics of cleanliness and energy economizing.

We can provide international standard such as  NZS5454, IS15490, ISO11439 (including steel liner hoop-wrapped ) CNG and so on which can export to EU, Brazil, India etc..

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Full-wrapped composite cylinder:

Light weight, high strength and 100% reliability, used as firefighters'self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), paintball guns, home oxygen therapy, aircraft oxygen and inflatable escap ramps and other application that require light weight, high pressure gas storage.

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Calcium carbide Series:

Calcium carbide can react with water to produce acetylene gas and also can be widely used as desulfurization and deoxidization agent in industrial area etc. , It should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid explosion.We are supplying calcium carbide in size of 120-200mm, 80-120mm, 50-80mm, 25-50mm, 15-25mm and 7-15mm etc., the gas yield of 285l/kg, 295 l/kg, 305 l/kg, all of products are packed with 50kg/100kg/250kg new iron drums.

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Refrigerant Series:

We supply environmental protecion green refrigerant which identified by United States ,Europe and other countries.

R418A (replace R22 and R502, Purity>= 99.8%);

R415B( an environment friendly subsititute for R12 in the refrigerators and freezers etc, purity >=99.8%);

R32( refrigerant using in blends), R125 (mixed refrigerant,replace R22) ;

R142b (mainly used replace CFC-11 to produce polyurethane materal );

R152a ( mainly used in refrigerant agent, aerosol and vesicant), R134a, R22....

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L.P.G Series:

We have completed range from 2kg to 50kg, reliable quality which applied TUV, CE, DOT certificate etc.,

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Welded insulated cylinder:

This high vacuum with multi-layer heat insulated cryogenic liquid vessel can store liquefied oxygen, liquified nitrogen,

liquified carbon dioxide and N2O, with maximum working pressure from 1-3Mpa.

We have DOT, TC, ASME or TPED standard model, please contact us for more details.

Fire-fighting extinghuisher:

We supply all kinds of fire-extinguishers (including valves and fittings) with CE, EN3 or GS approval, also automtic fire-extinguisher , special fire extinguisher and fire-fighting welded cylinders etc.,  it is mainly used in hotels, restaurants and vessels.

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Special Gases:

We supply good quality High-purity gases(Ar.,N2.,H2., CO2.,NO.,SF6., NH3.,CH4., Etc.,), mixed gases, rare gases (Ke., Ne., Xe.,)and medical gases. All products applied dangerous chemicals business license and transport of dangerous goods licenses.

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